NEKBS Self-Storage

Located near I-95, Routes 99 and 9A at 407 Maguire Road in Kennebunk, Maine, NEKBS offers short and long term indoor storage with convenient 24/7 access. Our large, fenced and well-lit yard will also accommodate outside storage of boats, cars and RV's on a year round or seasonal basis.

Whatever your storage needs, we have the right space for the job. Our storage units range from 6.5 x 10 feet to 23 x 35 feet. If you find that you need a storage unit, the following guidelines may be helpful. For more information on available unit sizes and rates contact Hissong Properties at 207-985-9305 or via our contact form.


A 6.5 x 10 foot storage unit is comparable in size to a walk-in closet. This unit is 65 square feet and will store a sofa, chair, dresser and mattress set in addition to miscellaneous boxes and small items.

The next size, a 10 x 10 foot storage unit, compares to a large walk-in closet, or one half of a one-car garage. These 100 square feet of space will generally hold the furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment: approximately three rooms of furniture, boxes of smaller items and possibly appliances.

A 10 X 20 foot storage unit is comparable to a smaller one-car garage. This 200 square feet unit allows storage for a small house, apartment or townhouse, including appliances.

The next sized storage unit, at 12 X 27 feet, is the approximate size of a standard one-car garage and will store the contents of a 40 foot moving van, which could include furniture from a three or four-bedroom home, along with appliances and a car, truck or boat. At 325 square feet, these units are also well suited to store commercial inventory, construction materials or landscaping equipment.

A 20 X 20 foot storage unit will hold the contents of an entire larger home in its 400 square feet.